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About Us

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We began printing T-shirts at home in the mid-1970's as a way to communicate with a city (Colorado Springs) that was not particularly
open to our message of peace and nonviolence.

While we had trouble getting anyone to show up for our educational and inspirational speakers and passersby would often suggest where we ought to stick our leaflets, we found that people read our
T-shirt messages and would even ask questions!

So we began printing political and environmental T-shirts and condensed our leaflets onto T-shirt tags.

Although we have begun using a professional screen printer to silk screen the designs for us, Alterni-Tees are still designed and sold by volunteers who believe in our cause.

All proceeds from shirt sales are used to benefit the causes that the T-shirts promote: nonviolence education, bicycles, land trust, alternative energy, projects in Mexico and Central America, and other people in need.